Hoosier Sister Candle Collection FAQ

What is the pot made of?


Where are the candles made and do you make the pots?

The candles are all hand poured in Carmel, Indiana.  We do not make the pots, we purchase the concrete pots.  

Do you recycle the containers?

No, the new wicks do not stick to the bottom of pot with wax residue.  We recommend using the pots as planters for herbs or flowers.

What is the candle burn time and amount of soy wax?

Square candle = 1 pound of soy wax, burns 40+ hours
Round candle = 1.5 pounds of soy wax, burns 50+ hours

Is this soy or paraffin wax?

We use all natural soy made from US grown soy beans.  Why soy wax?  Soy wax is made from renewable soy bean crops, it is a vegetable oil based product, it burns clean and doesn’t have the black, petro-carbon soot that comes from burning paraffin wax candles.  
Soy wax = Better for our us and our environment 

What are the wicks made of?

Our wicks are made of flat braided cotton with paper threads woven into the cotton.  

Do you use fragrance oils or essential oils?

All of our candles are made with fragrance oils. We have found that essential oils don’t offer strong enough scent throws for candles.  

What fragrance notes are in your candles?

Fall/Winter Scents:
Fir:  Fir, amber, moss, cedar, evergreen, cypress blend
Lodge:  Vanilila, pear, and amber blend
Year Round Scents:
Huntsman:  Oakmoss and amber blend
Sierra:  Amber wood, circus, bergamot blend 
Spring/Summer Scents:
Catalina: Grapefruit and mangosteen blend
Cottage:  Arugula, basil, and bergamot blend
Valencia:   Lemon, eucalyptus, and cornmint blend
Aviator:  Leather, black currant, and oak moss blend

Are your candles dangerous to animals?

We suggest customers google search the fragrance notes found in each scent as it pertains to their particular animals.  The wax is soy which shouldn’t be harmful but the fragrance oils could be harmful if ingested by animals.  

Can I use this candle outside?

Yes, you can.  However the soy wax will melt if in direct sunlight and excessive heat and could ruin your candle.  Concrete is porous and the wax and fragrance oils could seep out of the sides of the container if the entire candle gets overheated and the all of the wax melts at once.  We recommend only using outside if the temperature is below 65 degrees and keep out of direct sunlight.

Do your candles keep bugs away?

Not that we know of – but you are welcome to try!

The top of my candle isn’t completely smooth? Is there something wrong with it?

It’s totally fine!  All of our candles are hand poured and there may be slight bumps in the surface of the wax as a result of how it dried.  Once lit, the top layer of wax melts immediately and will have no negative impact on the burning ability of the candle
Or the scent throw.  Hand poured, not factory made!

Should I trim the wicks before lighting my candle?

No, we trimmed the wicks for you and the wicks should be lit at the length we cut.

Do you sell wax melts?

We do not sell wax melts.  For customers who prefer to use a wax warmer than burning a candle, we recommend purchasing a candle and scraping out the wax.  Put that wax directly on a wax warmer and re-use the concrete container.  

How are the candles shipped?

The minimum wholesale candle order is 30 candles. We will ship your candles:

1.) At the current flat rate shipping as noted on your order form


2.) If ordering more than 30 you may request a pallet shipping quote to your storefront


3.) You may schedule to pick up your order at one of our shows, or in Carmel, IN.